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Quality policy

Quality policy

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Handlowo-Usługowe SUBOR [Manufacture and Trade Company SUBOR] is a private company operating in the sector of protective and professional clothes intended for services wearing uniforms and other demanding clients. The owner of the PPHU SUBOR is aware of the fact that quality of manufactured goods is a deciding factor for success of the company and therefore, it heads for supplies of goods which satisfy requirements and expectations of the clients. The approach referred to in the previous sentence is reflected by the Quality Policy which assumes reaching the following goals:

  • building up permanent relations with clients and increase in their satisfaction
  • loyalty in relation to business partners
  • making management of the company more effective – optimizing of processes and implementation of new technologies, technical and organizational solutions
  • analysis and making conclusions based on results of client satisfaction rate, monitoring of obtained quality level
  • selection of vendors satisfying requirements of our clients
  • stimulation of a potential of employees by trainings and provision of opportunities for personal development
  • standardization of procedures acc. to agreed and documented procedures, with use of best  practices
  • building up good relations among employees, increase in their professional competences and awareness and responsibility for quality of products

Quality purposes are realized by all employees of the company under supervision of the Person Authorized to Supervise the Quality System.

Owner of the PPHU SUBOR assures that the quality is the basic and essential factor of the company’s strategy and she declares provision of resources necessary to assure permanent development of the Quality System Management.

Ewa Ptak

Ważna informacja

Uwaga !!! W dniu 2 lipca firma PPHU SUBOR nieczynna!!!

Informujemy, iż związku z przerwą w dostawie energii elektrycznej w dniu 2 lipca 2014 r w miejscowości Staszów, ul. Towarowa, firma PPHU SUBOR będzie nieczynna w tym dniu.
W sprawach pilnych prosimy o kontakt na numery telefonów komórkowych:
Dział ubrań roboczych, Sklep BHP: Grażyna Borycka tel.: 795438539, Krzysztof Śledź tel.:604916132.
Dział odzieży strażackiej: Dominik Bąk tel.: 600038281,Przemysław Różalski tel.:694470757,
Marcin Jankowski tel.: 602270874,Tomasz Różalski tel:604564684