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History company

The Przedsiebiorstwo Produkcyjno Handlowe „SUBOR” (production and trade company) was established in 1990. The original name was Zakład Konfekcji Odzieży – Stanisław Ptak. The Company’s registered seat was situated in Wiązownica Mała 52. During the first period of the company’s operation the company was focused on the following products: working clothes, flannel shirts, working gloves. In December 1992 the owner of the Company became Ewa Ptak, also the name was changed into Zakład Odzieżowy „SUBOR”. The new registered seat of the Company was situated in rented rooms at the 2 Ogledowskiej Street in Staszów. In 1993 the company became a Zakład Pracy Chronionej (supported employment enterprise) and it changed its name into Przedsiebiorstwo Produkcyjno Handlowo Usługowe „SUBOR” Zakład Pracy Chronionej, the name is still valid. The range of products was extended by specialist acid proof clothes and fireproof clothes. It meant a necessity of modernization of the machine park and cooperation with Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy (Central Institute for Labor Protection) in order to obtain “B” safety certificates for manufactured clothes and gloves. Apart from own production the commercial offer was extended by working shoes, rubber shoes and chemicals used in households. In that period the company was focused on complex supplies of health and safety products to its clients. The quick development persuaded the owner to purchase and repair the warehouses (halls) intended for a new seat of the company. It took place on 19 July 1995. In June 1996 the seat of the company changed its address. Since the date referred to in above the seat of the company is situated at 40 Towarowa in Staszów. Apart from manufacture of working and protective clothes the assortment was extended by products for the professional fireman and voluntary fireman (National and Voluntary Fire Services). The increase and extension of the production resulted in necessity of extension of the company’s registered seat which took place in 1999.

Since 1999 the basic production profile of the „SUBOR” company is clothes intended for the Państwowa i Ochotnicza Straż Pożarna (National and Voluntary Fire Services). At first there were carried out barrack clothes which were approved in 1999 by the Main Headquarters of the National Fire Service. Then, the company obtained a permit to manufacture rain proof jackets „SZTORMIAK” - September 1999, and in November 1999 the company successfully obtained a permit to manufacture clothes for the commanding personnel of the fire service. Next step to extend the offer for the Fire Service was obtaining in 2002 a certificate issued by the Centrum Naukowo Badawcze Ochrony Przeciwpożarowej for the garment under the name „Specjalne Popularne ST4-SU”. The garment referred to in above was used during fire extinguishing works. Implementation of the quality system management. At the beginning of 2003 there was made a decision to implement in the PPHU „SUBOR” a quality management system in line with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 standard. There was elaborated a Quality Book and related procedures. On 23 January 2004 the company was awarded a Quality System Management Certificate. Officially, the certificate referred to in the previous sentence was awarded on 17 May 2004 in Popiel Palace in Kurozweki. Entering of Poland to the European Union in May 2005 forced the company to implement some changes in terms of its assortment. Beyond the wide range of special garments (5 models) there was started production of special gloves, balaclavas and other assortment intended for the fire service brigades. In the period from May to September 2006 there was carried out another extension of the PPHU „SUBOR”. The works were related to quick development of the company, expansion of the scope of production etc. In December 2006 the company celebrated its 15 anniversary. Presently, the Company hires nearly 100 persons. Most of them are seamstresses with many-year experience. On 2008-06-16 we were awarded a 1602 H - NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code (NCAGE). Dynamic development of the PPHU SUBOR resulted in subsequent development of the company’s registered seat in the period from May to November 2010. At the same time the technological lines were modernized and there were purchased new machineries. In 2010 we celebrated 20th anniversary of business operation of PPHU SUBOR. A ceremonial meeting for our employees and clients took place on 28 January 2011 in “Lord” restaurant in Staszów.


In 2005,2007,2008 PPHU „SUBOR” was awarded by the „Puls Biznesu”, „Bank PKO BP” and „COFACE POLAND” a title „GAZELA BIZNESU” (business gazelle). The Company belongs to elitist club of the most quickly growing businesses in Poland. In 2009 PPHU "SUBOR" was honored by the title "LODOŁAMACZE-2009" in category: - "For special social sensitivity and responsibility for personnel policy which gives consideration to needs of disabled persons"

Basic advantages of P.P.H.U. "SUBOR" are:

  • highly specialized personnel which guarantees the quality
  • modern machine park supplied by JUKI and PFAFF
  • P.F.R.O.N.

large variety of fibers and designs of clothes

We are sales representatives of:

  • "WOJAS" Company from Nowy Targ
  • Fagum Stomil S.A. from Łódź
  • Zakłady Przemysłu Skórzanego "Protektor" S.A. in Lublin
  • Przedsiebiorstwo Przemysłu Obuwniczego in Strzelce Opolskie (manufacturer of high class working shoes and protective shoes )
  • Zakłady Terenowe in Kalisz

HONDA ARIES POWERS - generators, fire motor pumps

Calendar 1991-2011.

1991-12-19 – start of the business

1992-12-21 – a change of the owner and conversion of the name into Zakład Odzieżowy „SUBOR”

1993-10-29 – obtaining of the ZPCHR status (supported employment enterprise) and conversion of the name into PPHU „SUBOR”

1995-07-19 – purchase of a new seat

1996-06-18 – end of the repair works and change of the seat of the company.

1999  - extension of the company in the period from IV to VII 1999

2004-01-23 – obtaining of the ISO certificate

2004-05-17 – ceremonial awarding of the ISO certificate

2005 – “Business gazelle” title

2006 – a prize: „Stambułka” Staszowska

2006 – other extension in the period from V to IX 2006

2006-12-09 a ceremony 15th anniversary of „SUBOR”

2007 – “Business gazelle” title

2008 – “Business gazelle” title 2008 – certificate: NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code (NCAGE).


2009 – a title “LODOŁAMACZE 2009”.

2010 – extension in the period from V to XI 2010

2011-01-28 20th anniversary of the business operation.

Ważna informacja

Uwaga !!! W dniu 2 lipca firma PPHU SUBOR nieczynna!!!

Informujemy, iż związku z przerwą w dostawie energii elektrycznej w dniu 2 lipca 2014 r w miejscowości Staszów, ul. Towarowa, firma PPHU SUBOR będzie nieczynna w tym dniu.
W sprawach pilnych prosimy o kontakt na numery telefonów komórkowych:
Dział ubrań roboczych, Sklep BHP: Grażyna Borycka tel.: 795438539, Krzysztof Śledź tel.:604916132.
Dział odzieży strażackiej: Dominik Bąk tel.: 600038281,Przemysław Różalski tel.:694470757,
Marcin Jankowski tel.: 602270874,Tomasz Różalski tel:604564684